We make white label mobile affiliate SDKs for HasOffers networks.

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Mobile SDKs that plug into HasOffers Networks

Start working directly with Developers as a new type of Affiliate on your network. App developers integrate the SDKs into their apps and drive high-quality, high LTV users to your advertisers.

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Truly a NEW Opportunity for Affiliate Networks

100% your branding

Every piece of the Software Development Kits (SDKs), their files, documentation (in PDF), code and developer-related web pages will use your branding, with your custom logo and domain name.

Consistent high-quality traffic supply

High-quality mobile traffic is in HUGE demand. Working direct with developers by supplying them monetization SDKs that run your offers opens up a dream channel of traffic that will help drive more conversions.

A cost-effective, ROI+ solution

Literally save thousands of dollars a year by leveraging our ready-made SDKs and our dedicated developer support team. See positive returns by driving new conversions from high-quality SDK traffic.

Native Offer Wall SDK
A custom-colored offer wall, pulling in only offers you choose that meet the offer device & geo targeting requirements. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod & Android devices.
Offer Wall by [Your Network Name]
Offer Wall by 'Your Network Name' that will link to your Developer Affiliate Signup URL generating new Developer Affiliate leads.
Mobile Web-based App / Offer Wall
Perfect for your general redirect traffic to land on. The mobile web-based App / Offer Wall automatically detects the device OS, OS version & geo to only load applicable offers.
Custom & Responsive
Customize the Offer Wall with your choice of color scheme, title, and Google Analytics integration. Adapts to all screen sizes that will work for any device.
Native Scratcher Ad SDK
Engage end-users with a unique advertising approach that is compatiable with iOS & Android devices.
Innovative Engagement
Utilizing native functionality on iOS & Android, users can engage with this ad unit to drive new app installs to CPI offers.
Competitive Advantage
Most affiliate networks are scrambling for in-app mobile traffic. Build your internal traffic volume giving your network a clear advantage over competitors.
Your Own SDKs = Direct Advertisers
Offering your own SDKs makes your network highly attractive to direct advertisers as a new customer acquisition channel.

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